Jellyfish Protection

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Jellyfish Protection

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How does our jellyfish protection suit actually work?

Through the contact, the jellyfish “knows” if it is another tentacle, a prey or an enemy like a human. The human skin releases a substance whereon the cnidoblasts receptors react to.This information is forwarded to the cnidoblast by second messengers.
Hereon amazing things in the capsule happen:
In split seconds enormous pressure between 150 and 200 atmospheres arises – 200 times the air pressure of a car tyre. The rolled up micro projectile in the cnidoblast is being shot with a speed of 40.000 times the gravitational acceleration

This exciting process is called the “Kiss of the Medusa”and is one of the fastest movements that have ever been discovered in nature. Like a high-speed bullet the harpoon called Stratium corneum shoots through the imperishable subcorneous of the skin and the jellyfish poison makes its way into the bloodstream.

With our Stinger Suit the jellyfish doesn’t see the human being as a prey or enemy or human skin so that the reaction described will not arise. The all around protection from strong burns and injuries through jellyfish poison is therefore assured.

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