Stingersuit Sun


Family (2+2)


Size Chart: Stingersuit Family
Children S4-6 years/max. 120cm
Children M6-8 years/max. 130cm
Children L8-10 years/max. 140cm
Adult S/up to 60kgmax. 170cm
Adult M/up to 80kgmax. 180cm
Adult L/up to 100kgmax. 190cm
Adult XL/120kg +190cm +

2 adult suits + 2 kid suits

Save 16% if you buy a family package!!!
Set up your own family package out of 2 adult suits and 2 kid suits. Instead of 232.00 € for four single pieces, you will get the package for only
195.00 € and save 16%!

Hood, gloves and socks are inclusive!

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