The Suit

How Stinger Suit works

Jellyfish doesn’t recognize humans with suit as a danger

The jellyfish does not recognize the surface of the stinger suit as prey, enemy or human skin, so that the reaction described above does not even occur. The all-round protection against burns and injuries caused by jellyfish poison is therefore guaranteed.

Extensive tests by marine biologists have proven the functionality of the jellyfish protection suits and assure swimmers a high level of protection against dangerous jellyfish in the water.

The Stinger Suit is made from a blend of special high-tech materials that offer durability, flexibility and an air-permeable structure that feels like a second skin.

In addition to the protection against jellyfish, this jellyfish protection suit offers a simple and practical design that allows the combination with various textiles and fashionable bathing accessories.

Background Information

How does a jellyfish recognize danger and defend itself?

The jellyfish “recognizes” whether the touch is another tentacle, prey or an enemy like humans. Human skin releases a substance to which the cnidoblast receptors react. This information is passed on to the cnidarian capsule by messenger substances.

In a fraction of a second, the enormous pressure of 150 to 200 atmospheres is created – 200 times the air pressure of a car tire. The coiled micro-projectile in the nettle capsule is fired at 40,000 times the acceleration of gravity. This “Medusa’s kiss” is one of the fastest movements ever observed in nature. Like a high-speed bullet, the harpoon penetrates the stratium corneum, the resistant horny layer of the skin, and the jellyfish poison enters the bloodstream.


Development of the suit

Light alternative to heavy wetsuits

The company Stinger Suit Ltd. has its headquarters in Australia. The jellyfish protective suit was developed when it was discovered that swimming during the Australian summer months had become extremely dangerous due to the jellyfish. And apart from the heavy and warm lycra suits there was no alternative for safe swimming.

After two years of extensive research, laboratory work and practical tests, a suitable product was developed in cooperation with the James Cook University of Tropical Biology.

And this unique jellyfish protection against jellyfish bites, injuries and burns is now also available in Europe.